Three Tears Of Ardanthor

Galendin, I presume

Session 51

The Paragons enter the Bright Tower, whose listless guards are rapidly succumbing to the ennui of the Shadowfell.

Grimnar asks the retainers for an audience with Galendin, and they are instructed to wait in the reception room. After 15 minutes, they figure no one is coming, and make their own exit…
They ascend the tower, floor by floor.
The place is nearly deserted.
Several corridors are lined with mirrors, but the face they show is not their own — rather everyone has the reflection of a tall half-fey male, with extremely attractive features.
Every one of them shows Galendin.

As they near the top level, they come across a room with various notes and maps arrayed about on tables.
Finally, it seems, they’ve attracted some serious attention, as several warforged guards enter the room and attack.

Animated arbalests enter through gaps in the rafters and rain bolts of fiery brilliance upon them. Their construction is somewhat unstable, so when Baern blasts one, it explodes, taking out another nearby.

After the guards are dealt with, they inspect the maps, which are drawn on translucent paper designed to overlay each other. The most recent set of guide lines indicate Morack Hold will overlay Letherna almost exactly.

The door to the stair case opens and a figure gestures to them :
“Ahh Grimnar. I believe you have some questions for me… this way please.”

It is Galendin.

Preparing for a confrontation after their recent reception, they follow him up the stairs to the next level.

The open chamber is encircled with mirrors. On a level above them is a circular balcony, and it too has mirrors all around it. Two levels of reflections, and every one of them shows Galendin.



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