Three Tears Of Ardanthor

Web of Deceit

Fenwick leads Halani and Gramaine through the Feydark towards the secret back-door to Durg’s domain. They are attacked by a drow scout with his spider companions. They quickly dispatch them and continue, wary they might come across more Drow in the area.

Indeed, they stumble on to a small troupe of drow in a bowl-like cavern. Halani spies upon them and hears the older drow blademaster confirming that, yes, indeed, the girls mother is dead, and now she, Elithinae, is the new Matron of their house. Elithinae exhorts the blademaster, Vashtoril, to ready their forces, for with the negotiations ending in failure, the drow must find another way to regain her sister from the clutches of the Fomorian.

Halani is discovered in her perch above the dark elves, and soon the three are fighting to remain free of the drow. The new matron instructs her blademaster to capture the three alive, at first, and soon it is clear to the heroes they are outmatched. Halani offers Fenwicks services as a guide into the Fomorian city in return for a ceasefire.

They agree to travel together .. warily .. and some hours later, they arrive at the “back door” Fenwick told them of.

A rolling, thick fog covers the ground to a height of four feet, and the cavern before them is actually quite large – larger than expected.

Fenwick attempts to use a reverse psych on the new Matron, but she doesn’t fall for it – and lets the heroes enter the cavern first.

Using the fog as cover, Fenwick grabs the other two and tells them to take cover from the Drow.

“Just stay low until the screaming stops.” he says, cryptically. Not knowing anything different, they hunker down and hide in the fog, their Travelers Camouflage blending them into the background so even the Drow can’t see them.

Vexed that they seem to be playing games with her , Elithinae orders Vashtoril into the fog to flush them out. As he strides into the cavern, a huge dragonbone golem rises from the floor, and several Will o Wisps float into the air to attack.

Within moments, a full blown battle rages around the hidden heroes. A large hidden door in the rock in the far wall slowly opens, and several creatures begin to enter the cavern, lead by a Cyclops spear master. The cyclops orders the others to focus on the Matron, reasoning that the other drow will flee if she falls.

“What did you do, Fenwick?”

“Um – I led the drow into a trap.”

“Seems we’re caught in here with them.”

“Not for long – lets go back the way we came – now that the drow are all busy we can give them the slip.”

“You’re an evil little gnome, aren’t you?”

“Hey – they’re Drow .. "

“Ok, point taken.”

The heroes slip out of the combat, past Elithinae, who , being waylaid by Quickling assassins, can only give them a nasty look.

“You will regret this. " she snarls.

“I doubt it.” Halani retorts, as they sweep past her.

At the real secret entrance, the Eladrin and Dwarf have to squeeze through hundreds of feet of tunnels on their hands and knees. In some places, Gramaine would not be able to pass without the assistance of the gnome.

When, at last, they reach the actual domain of the Fomorian, Fenwick halts.

“I can go no further with you.”

“Umm.. why?”

“I made a promise. I can’t go back. Look, I’ll draw you a map to the Menagerie, but that’s as good as I can give you. I’m sorry.”

‘Well, we’re going to be a little lost once we get our friends. Is there no more aid you can give? Travelling together is safer than travelling alone."

“True enough. I will wait in the secret tunnels for two days. If you do not return by then, and I fear you will not..then I will leave. "

“Well, I’m sure we’ll be back well before then.”

“If you say so.”

And with that Halani and Gramaine take the map and Fenwicks best directions and make their way through Durg duhane’s domain, avoiding Quickling and Spriggan patrols, hiding from the occasional Cyclops, and using their Travelers Camouflage to blend into their surroundings.

After some more hours, they finally arrive outside the Arena which sits atop the Menagerie.



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