The Three Tears of Ardanthor

Three groups of adventurers bound together through the strings of fate.

The world is set adrift in the Astral Sea.
Only time will tell if the machinations of the deluded Grimnar will send it hurtling into the depths of the Elemental Chaos, or if the efforts of three separate bands of heroes will set its’ course a-right.

As hordes of Orcs and Goblinoids invade from the North, covering the land in Winter, the Raven Queen falls strangely silent, and the souls of the dead now linger too long in the world of Ardanthor.

Our Heroes :
Halani – an Eladrin Swordmage with a mysterious background
Durgan – a Dwarf Warden, part of an elite force tasked with defending reality from the “things below”.
Gramaine – Dwarf Invoker of the Raven Queen, and Clanmate of Durgan
Deni – a Deva Sorceress recently reincarnated after her epic incarnation (see below) was killed in a battle with a Primordial.
Maker – a Warforged Artificer, possibly the first of his kind ever created.
Amata – Shard of the Mind of Time

Our Paragons :
Baern – Dwarf Wizard in pursuit of his cousin and Clanleader Grimnar, who has betrayed them all!
Klaw – Shifter Shaman following the call of the spirits
Ash – Shifter Avenger who grew up in the Church of the Raven Queen
Belisar – Dragonborn Paladin of the Raven Queen, who acts as half of one of the “claws of the Raven” with Ash.
Tregan – Dwarf Warden and former right hand man of Grimnar
Amata – Shard of the Mind of Time

Our Epics:
Lyneth – Changeling Warlock torn between two worlds – the Whispering Dark and the Alluring Fey.
Jasen – Duke of Reikenwold – Human Bard, and black sheep of the Havenburg royalty, still mourning his dead Deva lover, Darina (now Deni)
Cur – Goliath Ranger, and larger than life wanderer.
Martin – Human Cleric and Chosen of the Raven Queen.
Anika – Shadar-Kai Wizard and bon vivant.
Amata – Shard of the Mind of Time

Three Tears Of Ardanthor

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