The Shard of the Citadel

A Relic of the Raven Queen, said to have been stricken from a rampart of the Raven Queens own fortress, the Citadel in Letherna.

It was housed (secretly) by Martin at his goddess’ request in his Church in Reikenwold. The relic was over seven feet tall and nearly as broad across. It was made of utterly cold, and deepest black, ice, with one face smooth and the others ragged and splintered.

During Grimnar’s campaign to sever the Planar Tethers, the Shard was sundered in twain – as it was a tether to the Shadowfell.

Unbeknownst to Martin, the Shard contained the unconscious form of a fey woman. Grimnar absconded with her in the battle beneath the Church.
After the battle, Martin surveyed the broken relic, which lay in two pieces of grey ice, neither cold nor black, obviously no longer linked to the Citadel. Lying between them, no larger than the palm of his hand, a much smaller piece of the Shard remained cold and dark as ever. Not knowing what else to do, Martin took it with him.

Recently, while fighting mortal creatures in the City of Brass, Martin noticed this shard of the Shard pulsate briefly with every death around him. Upon closer inspection he realized that the Shard had become infused with power – power over Death itself.

The Shard of the Citadel

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