The Seals

The Seals are a set of three mystical wards holding back the Whisperers from Below. These creatures were never meant to impinge on our reality, but for some reason, in ancient times, they found a way through.

Duerent Morack sealed over these “wounds in reality” with his prodigious arcane knowledge, and stopped the creatures from taking over the world. To do so, he used an artifact known as Duerent’s Oathrod. His clan, Morack, moved into the mountain above the seals and created the organization called “The Warders of the Seals” to guard against them ever being breached.

The Oathrod held the Seals closed for close to a thousand years, until Grimnar used his own arcane knowledge to steal it.

The seals immediately began to weaken.

The Seals

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