Spider Writing

There’s someone pulling the strings at the Umbraforge, and it wasn’t Yalnon Teeg.

Yalnon was receiving messages written in a delicate spidery script. Additionally, when the Paragons found the plans for mass producing Warforged, while the bulk of the designs were apparently written by Grimnar, this delicate handwriting was scrawled in the margins of the designs with certain “corrections” to the procedure. Baern surmises that it is these corrections which required the use of living souls to power the creation process – something Grimnars plans lacked.

After their return from Vor Kragal, Baern devoted many consecutive hours to studying the Warforged Designs. It wasn’t until he nearly fainted from exhaustion and lack of nourishment that he realized what a hold the strange symbols had taken on his mind. For several hours afterwards, he thought he could hear strange whisperings – sounds that were like words, but like no language he had ever heard. He put aside the designs and has not returned to them.

When the Epics returned to Reikenwold from the City of Brass, Anika and Lyneth spent several hours going over Baern’s notes, and consulting the designs for themselves. Unknown even to the learned wizards, the modifications contain secret arcane symbols related to the Dark Pact Magic taught only to the higher circles of the Cabinet of Faces.

The Paragons later confront Grimnar with this evidence, and the artificer is taken aback.. the writing appears to be in the hand of his mentor Galendin of the Bright Tower.

Spider Writing

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