Portal Magic

Portal Magic in Ardanthor requires the knowledge of Portal Runes.

When creating a teleportation circle, one cannot use just any set of symbols. There is intrinsic magic in the runes themselves. Up until recently only Vyranic Glyphs were used for portal locations. The eight glyphs inscribed in every permanent circle currently known are Vyranic Glyphs.

However, due to the efforts of Grimnar in severing the planar tethers, Vyranic Glyphs are no longer capable of fully describing a planar location. The Vyranic set does not account for Planar Drift.

The authors of Tethering the World developed another set of portal runes called Inthurlian Runes. An Inthurlian portal description accounts for relative planar relocation and so can be used even after planar shifting.

Grimnar discovered that planar velocity must also be taken into account when using the Inthurlian rituals. While the runes will account for relative planar positioning, they require “additional input” from a ritual focus item he calls the “astra veloce”. Without it the portals still open, but the end point will drift as the planes continue to move around.

Translation :
It is possible to translate an Inthurlian address given nothing but a set of Vyranic Glyphs. However, this takes some experimentation and possibly days or weeks, and can become quite expensive. However, it is far easier to calculate the Inthurlian address for a location when one is in that location. The ritual is no more time-consuming or complicated than the base Create Teleportation Circle.

Portal Magic

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