The City of Silver has been mentioned only briefly, but has cropped up in Heroic and Epic.

The first mention of this place was when Martin asked his patron Goddess for direction. Unfortunately she averred, saying only that she cannot speak again with him until “The City of Silver is uncovered once more, and you meet with me at my Citadel in Letherna.”

Searching the library in Haven, the Epics discover only that the City of Silver may have been mentioned in an ancient Eladrin poem. The actual contents of this poem were not present in the library.

More recently the Heroes learned that Duerent Morack believed that he must find the City of Silver in order to create a way to make The Seals permanent. They believe that he vanished during his search for the city – possibly somewhere in the Feydark.

During the Epics journey in the Feydark, they recall the entirety of the ancient Eladrin poem : El’lath’Argenum..

Apparently, the City of Silver is the old name for the Fortress of Frozen Tears – the halls of the Prince of Frost, most powerful of the Winter Fey.


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