Urdeths Boons


Servant of Fate and Time : If you are surprised, you may take a move action during the surprise round. If you are not surprised during the surprise round, you and each of your allies who are not surprised, may take a standard, move and minor action.

Utility Power :(Daily, choose one)

  • cast the Consult Oracle ritual as a standard action that costs no components, using your Arcana check instead of Religion.
  • Time freezes for your foes and your allies gain a moment to reposition. You and each ally within 10 squares of you can take a move action as a free action. Movement taken with this action does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Shadows Grasp : If your square is in dim light or darkness when you make your familiar active, you may choose to have your familiar become active in any other square you can see within 20 squares that is also in dim light or darkness. Additionally, you can use the Shadow Incarnates Active Benefit Shadowcast three times per encounter.
Attack Power (Encounter, Implement, Minor Action) Attack : Int vs Will, Target : One Creature adjacent to your active Shadow Incarnate familiar. Hit : Target is restrained (save ends). While the target is restrained your familiar gains +6 to all defenses. The effect ends immediately if your familiar is slain, it moves to a space not adjacent to the target, or enters passive mode.

Seven Mountain Stride : Your speed increases by 1. You and allies traveling with you gain a 50% bonus to your overland movement. You gain a +10 item bonus to your Athletics checks to jump. When jumping, you’re always considered to have running start, and the distance jumped is not limited by your speed.
Utility Power (Daily, Stance, Minor Action) Effect : Until the stance ends, your size becomes large, and your Reach increases by 1. While you are in contact with the ground, you are immune to forced movement, and cannot be made prone. If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, you may instead become Huge and increase your Reach by 2 instead of 1.

Lyneth —
Beguiling Tongue
: You may use Bluff in place of Diplomacy checks when interacting with non-fey creatures. After each extended rest you may choose one Daily Attack power you know. That power gains the Charm keyword. A Critical hit with this power also causes the target to be Dominated (save ends).

Martin —
Soul Sight
: You gain Darkvision, and a +6 item bonus on Perception and Insight checks.
Utility Power (Daily, Minor action) Effect : You gain Truesight 5 till the end of your next turn, and you do not require line of effect to detect the location of living or undead creatures within this range.
Sustain : minor


Urdeth Skulda granted each Epic hero a Boon in their quest to unlock their fates and take on the Dead of Winter.

Urdeths Boons

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