The Shard Of the Citadel


The smallest piece of the sundered Shard of the Citadel is an artifact of some power that operates as a Holy Symbol of the Raven Queen.

Martin’s Concordance is 17
The Shard of the Citadel
Property: Used as a Holy Symbol of the Raven Queen +6
Critical : +6d6 cold and radiant damage and the target is immobilized (save ends).
Property: Every time you reduce a target of a power delivered by the Shard to 0 hps or fewer, you gain a cumulative +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls till the end of your next turn.
Property : When you are reduced below 0 hps, you can continue to act while dying instead of falling unconscious. You can take a standard, a move and a minor action each turn. You may take 10 on Death Saving throws. You still die when your hit points reach negative bloodied value.

Power (Daily • Healing): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with an attack delivered by this holy symbol. A dying ally within 20 squares of you regains hit points as if he had spent a healing surge; add the symbol’s enhancement bonus to the hit points regained.

Satisfied Concordance 12-15
Property: You gain resist 10 to Necrotic, Radiant,and Cold.
Power Daily (Standard Action) : “Soul Storm”. A torrent of souls erupt from the Shard. Close Burst 10. Targets Up to 8 Enemies in Burst. Wisdom vs Fortitude. 4d6 Radiant and Cold damage and you slide the target into a vacant square adjacent to you.

Pleased Concordance 16-20
Property: Your origin changes to Immortal. You no longer age, or need to eat, breathe, or sleep. You gain the effects of an extended rest after only 4 hours of meditation.
Property: You gain resist 15 to Necrotic, Radiant,and Cold.
Power Daily (Free Action): Use this power when one of your attacks reduces a target to 0 hit points. Take a standard action.

The Shard Of the Citadel

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