The Bladed Crown


The Bladed Crown is an Artifact of unknown origin.
Originally in the possession of a powerful Marut Planeshifter, the Crown has now fallen into Anika’s hands.

Bladed Crown (artifact) Anika’s current concordance = 20
Normal (5-11
Property: You gain a +2 to History, Religion, and Arcana checks
Property: You cannot be teleported against your will.
Property: Enemies take a -3 penalty to saving throws or checks when they attempt to end ongoing conditions caused by your powers that have the teleportation keyword
Property: When you use Quick Portal, it costs 1 less healing surge (or hit point value) to cast. You may sustain Quick portal without paying any surges or hit points.
Power * Daily : As Maze (wizard 25)
Property: Donning or removing the Bladed Crown costs one healing surge.

Satisfied Concordance 12-15
Power * Encounter : Halo of Blades : You lose up to 4 healing surges. For each healing surge you lose in this way, you take damage equal to half your surge value.
Make an attack : Close Burst 3, Int+6, Wis+6 or Cha+6 vs Ref, targets enemies.
Hit: Target takes damage equal to twice the amount you just took.
Miss: Half Damage.
A Critical with this power adds 6d12 damage
Property : Your bonus to History, Religion, and Arcana increases to +4
Property: You can use Quick Portal to open a two-way portal, allowing creatures at the destination to come to your location.
Property: You can use Quick Portal to a teleportation circle on a different plane, as Planar Portal.

Concordance 16-21
Property : When using Halo of Blades, you can score a critical on a 19-20, the area increases to Close Burst 5, and you may spend up to 6 healing surges to fuel it’s power.
Property : Your bonus to History, Religion, and Arcana increases to +6
Property : The penalty to saving throws against improves from -3 to -5
Property : You gain two more healing surges.
Property : You can use Quick Portal to unerringly connect to any location you have visited since acquiring the Bladed Crown, regardless of any Planar Drift.
Property : You gain a fly speed of 2.


The Crown consists of seven wide steel blades protruding upwards from a dark iron circlet. Placing the circlet upon ones head causes seven smaller blades to spear downwards, painfully clamping the circlet to ones head. .

A bearer of the Crown gains greater control over Portals, particularly enhancing the Planeshifters Quick Portal ability in various ways.

The Crown itself has almost no personality of it’s own, although it responds positively to actions that seem to lead to the healing of the Planar Drift.

It’s ultimate purpose remains mysterious.

The Bladed Crown

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