The Red Fey

A Red Haired Fey woman.


Discovered when Grimnar sundered the The Shard of the Citadel in twain.
The Betrayer stole her from under the Church in Reikenwold.
When the Epics assaulted Grimnars laboratory, they discovered her still unconscious in Grimnars bed. Martin could discern no life, but nor was she actually dead.

They decided to place her in the keeping of one of Lyneths many estates, far enough from the action that it would be unlikely that she would be discovered, but close enough for them to get to quickly. This estate in in The Kingdom of Tur.

While they were otherwise occupied, Quarion discovered her location and took her body from the estate for as yet unknown purposes.

Most recently, the Epics performed a ritual to contact Dalastra inside the Orb which Halani was carrying. During this ritual, Dalastra revealed that this Fey was in fact that timeless mortal shell of Sharaea, the Prince of Frosts first love. To hide her from the jealous Prince, the Raven Queen split her immortal soul into quarters and secreted them throughout the cosmos, entrusting two of them unto Corellon and Sehanine, leaving one quarter to keep her body preserved inside the Shard, and placing one in the keeping of Dalastra.

Now Dalastra believes the Raven Queen wants Sharaea to make good on her end of the bargain — to return the favour she owes the Raven Queen and face her destiny in the Fortress of Frozen Tears, something which Sharaea would avoid if she possibly can.

The Red Fey

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