Warforged Artificer


Maker is the most likely the very first Warforged ever created in the world of Ardanthor. An accidental product of Grimnar’s own experiments in Artifice, Maker was designed to be an assistant capable of true learning.
What he created, though, was life.

Maker spent his first few months in a laboratory, assisting the mad dwarf with his experiments, including the assembly of The Smith, who came to call Maker “First”, just as he came to call Grimnar “Father”.

Grimnar had a habit of coming and going at all hours, being gone for weeks a time. In between times, Maker made himself busy with books, learning all he could of the art of Artifice.

It was during one of those long absences that the laboratory exploded. Maker doesn’t know what caused the explosion, only that he was thrown clear of it and badly damaged. Hoping to find his creator and explain the loss of the lab, Maker set off into the trackless caves under the mountain.

Instead of Grimnar, he found the other Heroics.


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