Little is known of Kargath.
Rumors have it that he is half Orc and half Ogre.
It is said that his leadership has been challenged three times, each time by a larger, more dangerous Orc Chieftain, and each time the challenger died from one blow of Kargath’s two handed sword.

In reality, the creature known as Kargath was in fact, one of the Sisters of Lament (powerful Beanan Sidhe loyal to the Prince of Frost). This fact was unearthed when the Paragons attacked Kargath in the center of his camp, destroying his corporeal form, and revealing Mournwind to be inhabiting the Orog Leader.

What effect this revelation might have on The Black Tide remains to be seen. In any event, Mournwind fled back to the Feywild leaving the Horde without a single strong leader.


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