Duke of Reikenwold


Jasen Reiken is known throughout the Hallestein Valley is a poet, a rogue, and a military leader of some brilliance. The 5th son of the Havenburg royalty, he rejected his family name in order to forge his own destiny at a young age, choosing a life of a vagabond and mercenary. He quickly made a name for himself through several daring military actions, and his not inconsiderable personal charm and battlefield flare. In recent years, along with his longtime friend Martin, he established the small town of Reikenwold at a strategic crossing of the river Reik, which has had moderate prosperity and has grown into a small city. Recent events, however, has cast a shadow over Reikenwold. The death of Darina, Jasen’s mistress and longtime adventuring companion of Jasen and Martin’s while all 3 were away, has darkened his mood and those of the citizens of Reikenwold.

The youngest son of the Havenburg King, Duke Jasen split from his family to settle in the wilds between the Kingdoms of Tur and Haven. He claims not to owe fealty to either kingdom, but who knows how long he will be able to maintain this balancing act?


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