Eladrin Swordmage


Slim, athletic build. White skin that has a faint, moon-like glow. Fine, pale, gold hair tucked behind her pointed ears that hangs loosely down her back. Pearly and opalescent eyes of frost blue that lack pupils.

Energetic and witty, grows restless in one place for too long. Equally at home in a new town as she is exploring some long forgotten ruin. Strives to find adventure wherever she is but avoids being the center of attention. Very competitive with her companions and often finds a way to turn just about any situation into a game, a bet, or a test of skill.

Speaks rapidly in Elven, often forgetting that not all her companions understand her. When the situation absolutely demands it, she speaks broken, heavily accented Common.


Raised in a monastery devoted to Sehanine, Halani was haunted by dreams she believes were sent by her Goddess. Those dreams led her to the mountains of Morack, and then, inexorably, to the presence of Dalastra. She emerged from that meeting unscathed, apart from a mystical brand on her swordarm in the shape of a dragon. As yet she has no idea of its significance.

Always a bit of troublemaker, Halani was practically raised with a sword in her hand. As a child, she was rarely seen without a wooden training sword that was a gift from her grandmother. While clearly never meant to see actual combat, the wooden sword is truly a masterwork of craftsmanship – intricately carved and perfectly weighted to simulate a real blade. To Halani’s youthful imagination, the sword was a mighty artifact that sustained the destiny of countless realms and heroes. To this day, Halani carries the sword still and trains with it nightly. She values the wooden blade as though it were indeed the artifact she always thought it to be as a child.

Halani was born in a small eladrin frontier settlement that relied on every member of the community for defense against the wilds. Hadani, however was different. After showing exceptional ability in both martial and arcane arts, Halani was selected to train at an exclusive eladrin monastery dedicated to Sehanine. There she learned an ancient swordmage art that blended stealth and swordsmanship with Arcane elemental power.

These shadow warriors of this tradition functioned as scouts, messengers, and assassins in eladrin and elven empires of past millennia. Now, their numbers are few and these sisters have rededicated themselves to the principles of Sehanine. They fight for no crown or cause. Each member is encouraged to follow their own goals and seek their own destiny. Their initial years of training at the monastery are but the first step in a journey of self-discovery and self-perfection that spans centuries.


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