A Half-Eladrin


Galendin, of the Bright Tower.
A Half-Eladrin and original researcher behind the book Tethering The World.

Grimnar sought out Galendin at some time in the past few years when he conceived his plan to free Ardanthor from the tendrils of the Far Realm. Upon discovering that Galendin had not died since authoring the book more than a hundred years ago, Grimnar became a pupil of the Bright Tower and enlisted Galendin’s help to formulate the list of the correct tethers to disrupt or sever to send Ardanthor far away from the Far Realm.

Galdendin’s past is still a mystery.

Recently, Galendin’s handwriting seems to be connected with the workings of the Umbraforge, placing him in league with the Prince of Frost somehow


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