A Dragon of the Peak


An ancient Dragon of the Peak, Dalastra had not been seen on the mountains of Morack for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until the Heroics stumbled into her lair after they’d been separated from the main force of Stormborn returning to Morackhold, that she was confirmed to still live – albeit briefly.
She met with Halani atop her pile of coins and other treasure, and gifted the Eladrin with a strange crystal Orb. Then she vanished in a shower of silver light, presumably into the Orb itself. Halani then realized she bore a dragon-tattoo on her sword arm. She has kept the Orb close by ever since, not knowing what to do with it, but fearful that she let it go.

Dalastra showed a fondness for silver and white artifacts, and so her treasure was predominantly silver and platinum pieces. Additionally it contained several items of a magical nature, including minor artifact – Dalastra’s Mirror.


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