Beast Master Ranger


Cur is a mountain of a man, not figuratively, but literally. Taller than most Goliaths, over 8ft. tall, as strong as ten men and solid as granite. He is rarely seen without his giant wolf, Mongrel, somewhere nearby. Orphaned at birth Cur was raised by the tribe, but never really accepted as one of their own. Without a proper name he was referred to only as “cur”. In defiance of the demeaning way the tribe used the word to refer to him, Cur took it as his name. When he was still quite young he found a wolf pup with a broken leg in the woods that had been abandoned. Feeling a certain kinship with it, he took it in, clumsily set the wolf’s leg (not entirely straight, an obvious trait that persists to this day) and kept him warm and fed, enduring quite a few bites and scratches in the process. As with his own name, when the others took to calling the wolf “that mongrel” he knew that it had a name. As soon as Cur was old enough to fend for himself, he was sent away to make his own way in the world, the tribe didn’t want anything more to do with him or that mongrel.

Cur has had many adventures, and been involved in many important events in the region. His and Mongrel’s great size have given rise to many legends and tall tales. It is said that he once diverted an entire river with only his hands in order to provide a poor farmer with greater irrigation for his crops. Other say he created the river, by tying a log to a rope around Mongrel’s neck, throwing it in a lake, then telling Mongrel to run for the sea. He is known to have cleaved a mountain in two with one swing of his giant hammer, Bonecrusher, to create a pass. It’s said that he can solve people’s problems just by showing up; brigand leaders will surrender, kidnappers will release their prisoners, thieves will return their ill-gotten goods… you get the idea.

Cur is quiet and reserved, and only ever really looks comfortable and “at home” when out in the wild. It’s easy to see why though, with his huge size just navigating around most towns is difficult, not to mention actually going inside shops or inns. Most places just aren’t designed for beings that large, and most people get understandably shaken at the sight of a wolf the size of a warhorse. Aware of how his appearance affects people Cur tries to do what he can to not frighten them more than just seeing him already does. He does not make friends easily, but when he does they are friends for life. With friends he is much more open and personable, and much less reserved.


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