Three Tears Of Ardanthor

Marut Return to reclaim their Crown

Session 42

The Epics meet with the Heroics at the very edge of the Vale of Long Night.
The Heroics are suitably impressed to be the focus of the attention of such luminaries, and when they Epics learn of Sehanines contact, they are impressed in turn.

With Dalastra’s Orb in hand, Anika improvises an intricate ritual to contact the Dragon within it. During the preparations, a figure steps from the mists – another Shardmind, this one of much more physically imposing build than Amata. With everyone on high alert, the figure holds his hands in a universal signal to show his peaceful intentions, and Amata and Ator exchange glances. The three shardminds step into close proximity with each other, and after a moments telepathic melding, Amata turns to the rest of the group and says
“For what is about to occur, I cannot be present lest I endanger the already tenuous threads of time. I will return as soon as possible. "

With that, the three shardminds merge physically into one body and step back into the mists, and vanish.

Before the group can properly process this turn of events, Martin realizes that the swirling within the mists has become more circular and less random. A dim light begins to spread from the spot most “ordered” in the mists, and a small girl steps into view, her shadow cast long upon the ground. The girl seems no older than ten years, but she has the golden skin and eyes of the Marut, who are immortal.

She begins by begging Anika to return the Crown of Blades, so that she may heal the rifts that the severing of the Tethers has caused in this reality.

Anika believes that she, not the Marut, is destined to return Ardanthor to its proper place, and so she’s going to keep the Crown, ‘thank you very much’.

The Marut girl changes her tactics, pulling forth a scroll from which she begins reciting various pacts and promises. Balls of fire plummet from the sky and crash to the earth. From the craters hulking elemental creatures rise up and converge on the party. The heroics scramble out of the way as the Epics leap to their own defenses. Other Marut emerge from the portal to support her.

The girl continues to recite from the scroll, even as she is set upon by the party, and her Words create a shield around her. The Word of Law reflects attacks back upon her attacker, and dominates those who dare oppose her will. It is only through concerted effort that the party is able to overwhelm her power.

As the girl falls, one of her lieutenants grabs her dying form and makes a break for the portal, but he is cut down before he can make it.

Anika picks up the scroll …
“Hmm. Now this should make an interesting read.”



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