Three Tears Of Ardanthor

Hold The Breach

Session 38 - Paragon/Epic

The Epics return to Volos’ Mountain only to find him in the midst of combat with one of the Winter Courts most powerful Sidhe : Koliada The Winter Witch. Before they can stop her, she plunges her Black Blade into his chest, and the old Centaur falls.

Lyneth flies into a dark rage deeper than even Koliada’s cold heart, and they destroy her mortal shell in vengeance. Martin uses his power over death to hold Volos in the realm of the living, but the poisonous black blade is working it’s evil magic. Volos falls into a coma, and so they take him back to Urdeth for aid.

The paragons find out from Grimnar that they have two hours to interfere with two separate tethers in rather distant parts of the world in order to stop Ardanthor from colliding with the Dominion of Hestavar.

One of those tethers is tied to the Seals of Morackhold.

Grimnar teaches Baern the ritual and tells him his only hope of learning it and performing it in time is with the aid of Duerent’s Oathrod, which he then gives to Baern.

The Paragons contact the Epics and ask for their help.

The Epics head to Morack ahead of the paragons and discover the Seals have been breached and entities from the Far Realm are entering this reality. The Wardens of the Seals are sorely tested and will soon break under the assault. With characteristic awesomeness, they step into the breach, turning back the tide of the creatures until Baern can arrive to perform the ritual. As a side effect, the ritual should also stem the tide of this invasion, although the portal will not be severed entirely



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